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Toasted sesame yuzu kosho

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Sesame yuzu kosho

Crunchy roasted sesame seeds coated with a yuzu kosho spice mixture. Yuzu Kosho is a hot Japanese paste made from chiles and the Japanese yuzu fruit. In Japan this sesame is added to rice, but it is also suitable as an ingredient for white meat and fish, seafood.


  • Like the Japanese to rice
  • With white meat, fish
  • With seafood
  • With salads
  • Etc.

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Origin: Japan

Ingredients: hydrolyzed proteins (Soy proteins, salt), saccharides (sugar, oligosaccharides), yuzu juice, flavor enhancer: sodium glutamate, salt, natural yuzu flavor, emulsifier: quillaja extract, reduced starch, natural chili extract, natural yellow coloring: safflower, sugar syrup, pepper
Allergens: SESAME, SOY

Nutritional values
per 100 g
2460 kJ / 593 kcal
47.0 g
saturated with it
7.5 g
19.0 g
of which sugars
6.5 g
23.0 g
6.4 g

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