Japanese Kakigori Shave Ice maker

Japanese Kakigori Shave Ice maker

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  • For the production of ice flakes for japanese kakigori ice or other Asian or Hawaiian shave ice
  • Easy to use
  • Without electricity
  • For small quantities



Description Kakigori machine for shave ice

Ice based desserts in Japan and the rest of Asia are usually made from a combination of already frozen water and syrup. For this, the frozen water is cut into flakes with the help of a machine and then syrup is poured over the ice. Other ingredients such as fruits, mochis etc. complement the dessert. 

In Japan this dessert is called kakigori. It has been known there since the 8th century. Kakigori was introduced to Hawai by Japanese immigrants in the 20th century and has become a popular summer theme there too.

The machine is operated without electricity with the help of a hand crank. A cup for freezing water is part of the package.



You freeze water, put it in the cup provided. You put this cup into the machine and operate the hand crank. The ice shaves come out below. The cup delivered is relatively small. In case you would like to produce bigger amounts of shave ice you should freeze the needed quantity of water in further cups with similar diameter to replace.

In Japan, kakigori is usually served in form of a mountain over which the syrup then will be poured. Additional ingredients such as fruits, mochis etc. are placed on the side. A combination of syrups results in colorful ice desserts.

Of course, it is also possible to freeze fruit juices and other liquids with the water and then shave them into fine ice flakes. Or using the Kakigori machine to cut solid ingredients into flakes.




Product from Japan 
Responsible entrepreneur: FoodConnection GmbH, Siemensstrasse 2, 21465 Reinbek

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