Japanischer Shiromi Yuzusaft

Japanese Shiromi Yuzu juice

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500 ml

Shiromi yuzu juice is a juice of the Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu

The Japanese citrus fruit yuzu is similar to grapefruit, but has its own very complex aroma profile: lemon, floral, tart. Unfortunately, Yuzu fruits are not very productive in their juice, which results in the high price of Yuzu products.

In Shiromi, yuzus have been grown deep in the mountains of Japan for a long time. Just a few years ago the village was almost forgotten as most of the residents were over 60 years old. It was only through the marketing of this special yuzu juice that younger people became aware of the small village again. Today's yuzu production is therefore an important element in maintaining the small village in southern Japan. Once a year at the yuzu harvest time, the residents perform Shinto dances as thanks. These dances are directed to the stars. The ceremony goes on all night long until the stars in the sky disappear again.

Recipe beef with Shiromi Yuzu - Hatcho Miso Sauce- Click here


Yuzu lemon juice
Delivery time: 10 working days
Ingredients: 100% yuzu
Allergens: none

Nutritional values per 100 ml
energy 130 kJ / 31 kcal
fat 0 g
saturated with it 0 g
5.7 g
of which sugars 5.3 g
protein 0.7 g
salt 0 g

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