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Description saffron

Purity, taste and aroma

Only the best tubers from a certified company are used for Pannonian saffron. It is harvested by hand so as not to damage the delicate flowers. Only fresh flowers are processed.


This means that flowers are used that are ideally picked on the day they open, but no later than the second day. The second selection takes place when the saffron tips are loosened from the flowers and the third before the dried and ripened saffron is packaged in cans. Pannonian saffron is what is known as elegated saffron. It is selected three times by hand. This ensures that the red grain tips are detached from the yellow, unaromatic stylus.

Five becomes one kilo

More than 200,000 flowers or almost 700,000 stigmas are required for one kilogram of saffron. When drying, the scars lose 4/5 of their fresh weight. The smell typical of saffron develops.

More time means more aroma

Pannonian saffron is dried slowly - 24 hours - and gently at around 50 degrees. We give it time and spare it from heat so that it can develop its unmistakable, natural aroma. Saffron is usually roasted over fire or embers or dried at high heat in industrial plants.

Committed to tradition

As long as it still existed, Austrian saffron was judged to be of the highest quality. It was especially known for its purity because it consisted only of the tips of the grain. For this reason, Austrian saffron was explicitly prescribed in the pharmacopoeias of that time, for example.

Threads better than powder

Saffron is very often stretched and falsified by foreign admixtures. This is particularly easy with powder. There are procedures for detecting these substances, but as a customer you have to trust your dealer. Pannonian saffron only exists in threads. See what you are buying right away.



Saffron goes wonderfully with:

  • risotto
  • paella
  • bouillabaise
  • fish
  • chicken
  • citrus fruits
  • desserts


Crush the saffron tips in a mortar, add a liquid and then pour everything into the food. 

Because of its unique composition of aromas, saffron cannot simply be combined with other spices without being masked. Combinations with: cinnamon, liquorice, fennel or long pepper are possible.


Origin: Austria
Delivery time: 3 working days
Ingredients: saffron
Allergens: none
Nutritional values: There is no need to provide nutritional values.
Responsible entrepreneur: Safranoleum, Eisenstädter Str. 97, 7011 Siegendorf / Cindrof, Austria

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