Koyuki Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream
Koyuki Vanille Mochi Eis
Koyuki Vanille Mochi Eis auf Schale
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Koyuki Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream

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6 x 30 g, frozen

  • the perfect snack for refreshment after sport, yoga or just in between
  • gluten free Wrapping made from rice dough according to Japanese tradition
  • With Italian Ice filled
  • enjoyable small portion size of 30 g


Description Koyuki vanilla mochi ice cream

Vanilla icecream, always at the top of the all-time list of the most popular ice cream flavors, meets here traditional Japanese mochi batter.

There are 6 ice cream mochis in each pack.


What are mochis?

Mochis are Rice cakes, a delicacy of Japan made from glutinous rice. They are available in a wide variety of variants. Often they are filled with something sweet, such as a sweet bean paste. However, the combination of ice cream and mochi is not a traditional Japanese variant. They were developed in America in the 90s of the last century and are a kind of "fusion" between American and Japanese desserts.


Vanilla mochi ice cream and freeze-dried strawberries

One idea that we particularly like is the mochis to be dusted with fruit powder. That adds a deliciously fruity taste. In this case we have Freeze-dried ground strawberries selected:


Gefriergetrocknete Erdbeeren auf Vanille Mochi Eis

View freeze-dried ground strawberries

 View freeze-dried, ground blueberries


How is Koyuki Vanilla Mochi Ice Cream delivered?

The Mochis are delivered in a styrofoam box with dry ice by express. This ensures that the ice cream arrives at you frozen.

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More product information

Vanilla ice cream preparation
Origin: Germany
Delivery within 3-5 days
Storage: -18 ° C; Do not freeze again after defrosting
Ingredients: water, sugar, sticky rice flour, trehalose *, skimmed MILK powder, coconut fat, dextrose, maltodextrin, invert sugar, whey powder (MILK, vanilla paste 1.6%), emulsifier: E471, modified starch, stabilizer: E412, E407

* Trehalose is a source of glucose
Allergens: MILK

May contain traces of SOYBeans, GLUTEN and NUTS

Nutritional values per 100 g
energy 825 kJ / 195 kcal
fat 3.9 g
saturated with it 2.3 g
37.0 g
of which sugars 13.0 g
protein 3.0 g
salt <0.1 g

Responsible entrepreneur: JFC Deutschland GmbH, Theodorstrasse 293, 40472 Düsseldorf

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